I am so thrilled to have found Vicky. My Lymphoedema responds well to 'Yoga for Cancer' and I always feel buoyed by Vicky's compassion and caring. I do wonder if I might have escaped Lymphoedema if I'd found Vicky during treatment; who knows!


Victoria Fox - (Tri) Yoga Therapist, offers all the nutrients to positively impact your cancer journey far beyond any expectation! Both highly professional yet gently empathic - She exudes optimism and therapeutic energy. I'll confide in you. As a Pilates fan and yoga sceptic, I reluctantly tried out Vicky's class at Triyoga Chelsea this summer. 10 weeks post surgery for cervical cancer and in aggressive chemo. My mind, body and spirit had taken a beating. After just 2 classes with Vicky I started to feel back in my body. I connected with suppressed emotions in asanas Vicky taught - which was a welcome release after the months of tension and fear I had held on to. I began to unravel.  If you are lucky enough to come across this remarkable and inspiring trauma sensitive yoga therapist - wherever you are on your journey, embrace her and the process. She is a pure gift. Just when you may be giving up on the world.


Having practiced yoga with many different teachers, I see that Vicky has the rare qualities of exceptional teachers: she is fully present, heart-centered and dedicated to her students. She is a wonderful listener and brings a warm attention to each person she teaches. After her classes, I feel energised, stronger and calmer physically and emotionally.

Tanja, Fulham

18 months ago I was diagnosed with leukemia. 8 months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Vicky Fox. My first lesson at Vicky's yoga class I was tearful and very anxious. Vicky welcomed me to her yoga for cancer patients class and all my tension and anxieties melted away. 

Vicky is a brilliant yoga teacher and a kind and caring person. I always finish the yoga class feeling so much calmer and relaxed. I just wish Vicky did this class 3 times a week instead of once. 

Vicky, thank you for everything.

Linda, Lancaster Gate

Vicky has an extraordinary empathy with cancer suffers. Cancer is stressful not only physically but mentally and her unique yoga classes take account of this. Vicky teaches calming breathing exercises and gentle stretching routines that relax and uplift.

Thoroughly recommended.

Sarah, Fulham.

I had my first Yoga class with Vicky in May, I had never done Yoga before or anything like it!

After being so ill, I felt I wanted to do something that would help me. The classes are small so Vicky can help each person, the Yoga is very gentle - we all do as much or as little as we can manage. I really enjoy the class and feel so much calmer and energized after each lesson and look forward to seeing Vicky each week - as she is a wonderful teacher.

Jill, Notting Hill.

I have been coming to this class for a few months now and I find it most enjoyable. It has also helped me regain my flexibility and I am feeling quite a bit stronger now  -  both physically and mentally  -  which I am very happy about.

Thank you Vicky.

Kate, Notting Hill